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Weatherproof Black Rock hens just keep on laying.

It sometimes gets cold on our farm but the Black Rock hens don't mind at all. This hardy breed is renowned for having a long laying life and is bred to be happy in the sometimes challenging Scottish weather.

After generations of selective breeding at the Muirfield Hatchery, the hens have protective feathers that look remarkable. The stunning blue/black plumage comes alive with a vibrant sheen when the sun shines.

Unlike most hybrids, which are bred for laying indoors, Black Rocks were bred to wander outside. They are energetic, active foragers with hardy constitutions, making them perfect for commercial poultry farmers looking to raise free range birds. Easy care combined with a charming personality also makes Black Rock chickens a popular choice for individuals looking for some egg-laying additions to the family.

There are many hybrids available, some going by several names. However, if you are interested in raising this type of bird, you should keep in mind that true Black Rocks are currently only bred at the Muirfield Hatchery in Scotland. Each year chicks are made available to select distributing agents. If you want to make sure that the birds you purchase are genuine, make sure to contact the hatchery to find out if your retailer is on our agent approved list at

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